Internships and Thesis projects

Full time - The Hague, Netherlands

Help us develop technology that feeds the world

AI is revolutionising agriculture at a fast pace. From farm to fork - every link in the value chain will become data-driven. VanBoven plays an important role in this transition by providing vegetable farmers with the tools needed to develop accurate harvest predictions. This information is crucial to producers, distributors, wholesalers, industry and retailers in order to optimise the value chain and reduce food waste.

VanBoven develops harvest predictions based on high-resolution aerial imagery. Our algorithms identify every single plant on the field and extract physical plant traits using object-based image analysis. By tracking these traits over time we create predictive models for plant growth and time to harvest. 

How you can contribute

We are looking for bright students who want to contribute to VanBoven during an internship or thesis project. We currently have the following internship opportunities:

  • Improving preprocessing of drone images for crop detection (PDF)

  • Detecting the invisible: accurately size partly hidden objects (PDF)

  • Context-aware Deep Learning in agriculture (PDF)

  • Long-term harvest forecasting using time series data (PDF)

  • Applying semi-supervised Deep Learning in agriculture (PDF)

  • Explainable AI: understanding what triggers a crop detection model (PDF)

So pick and choose! Together we will compose your perfect internship. If you believe you can contribute in any other way: just shoot and we'll do our best to find a matching assignment! 

What you will get

First of all VanBoven officially has the “most fun team in the galaxy”, so you’ve got that going for you. We are still a relatively small team(~8FTE). Therefore we cannot afford to let any of your powers go to waste. You will be working very hands-on in close cooperation with our core team.


Quick list of perks:

  • Easily to reach by train - 5 minute walk from The Hague HS;

  • €300 monthly bonus;

  • Travel allowance to cover your expenses;

  • Flexible working hours

  • Fast learning within a rapidly evolving team

Last but not least we have already facilitated approximately 15 of your peers during their internships, so we know what to expect. If you want to hear about their experience first-hand we can always connect you with some of our former interns.

Our ideal candidate

  • BSc. or MSc. level thinking;

  • Relevant experience with your internships’s subject;

  • At least 5 months of full-time availability;

  • Not afraid to show entrepreneurship and take responsibility to get things done;

  • Excellent communication skills in English. Dutch is a plus;

  • And of course: a fondness of broccoli!

Application procedure

​You can now directly apply for this vacancy:

  1. Send your CV and a short motivation to Kaz (

  2. Compose a draft internship assignment together with one of our co-founders at the VanBoven office

  3. Sit with two of our engineers for an in-depth interview

It's that simple. So, what are you waiting for? Apply now!